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The group owns Easy 4.0 Education, Zixun Edu, Easy Career, HiOffer, WeCare and other ancillary service educational systems. The headquarter of the company is in Shenzhen, China. In addition, the group has overseas branches in Canada, the United States and other regions. Taking education as the starting point and "sense of responsibility first" as the core concept, the group's business covers the fields of overseas study planning, overseas life assistance, education tutoring, job seeking consultation, postgraduate application and business start-up training, etc.

We will effectively create a closed loop of overseas education industry and create truly valuable services for students who want to study abroad, have already studied abroad, and complete the study abroad, as well as their parents.

Internet Plus

Since its establishment in 2013, Easy Group has been committed to establishing a one-stop overseas education-service system for numerous Chinese students, providing internet-based online courses and information exchange centers, and building a bridge for education resource sharing and complementary advantages between China and the West. Our main goal is to help millions of international students overcome language barriers and problems triggered by cultural differences, integrate into overseas life faster and better, and achieve success.

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Our Achievement

Easy Group is undoubtedly the most influential and fastest growing brand in the international education service field. With professional certified teachers, excellent service quality and profound educational resources, the group has maintained an annual growth rate of 400% for three consecutive years. The number of students serving has exceeded 70,000 per year, and the number of online course participants has exceeded 100,000, with the total number of followers reaching over 150,000+.

Driven by the core service concept of "responsibility first", Easy Group has become a resource and information exchange platform for talents from various professional elites all over the world.

Communication Achievement

In 2018, Easy Group received a congratulatory letter signed by the Canadian head of state and the prime minister of the federal government, Mr. Justin Trudeau, describing the outstanding contribution Easy Group has made to the improvement of the overall level of the education industry. He also wishes Easy Group greater development and progress in the future and contribute to the cultural exchanges between China and Canada.

In the same year, Easy Group obtained the investment intention from Anhui provincial government and opened a branch in Hefei to strengthen resource integration and accelerate technological development. Starting from China, Easy Group is on the way to achieve its strategic layout of globalization.

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What we are doing now?

Study-abroad Environment

The Front-end

To provide students with the most authoritative and first-hand information about studying abroad.

The Middle Status

Provide university related courses training service for international students and solve problems such as tax, immigration, housing and financial management, etc.

post-study-abroad service

To provide overseas students with post-graduate study, career counseling and related training courses.

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Easy 4.0 Education

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Easy Career

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Easy Fitness

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